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Welcome Diego!

labs-academics-avatarIn our pursuit of finding passionate professionals, who like us, look forward to building tools that simplify our daily lives, we came across Diego Evin, who has recently joined the Corvalius Research and Development division.

Diego has been specializing on the study and application of Computer Learning technology for the last 10 years, in order to solve problems in the Biomedical and Speech Recognition fields. Therefore, he was an ideal candidate for the Corvalius Research and Development division. Kindly known to us as Labs + Academics.

Diego has a bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering and a PhD in Computer Science. Before joining us, he had a postdoctoral internship at Stanford Research International, and also at CONICET, where he worked at the Sensory Research Lab at the Institute of Applied Neuroscience.

With a great deal of published articles circulating the bioengineering field, his research primarily focuses on automatic speech recognition, monitoring and diagnostics of vital signs and medical images.

Among his main contributions to the technological transfer field are his developments to a sound measurement system for the work place, an automatic speech recognition system, and the development of tools for forensic voice analysis.

In the teaching field, he taught the university level course “Artificial Intelligence and Computer Intelligence” at the Universidad Nacional de Entre Rios (2004-2012) and was also the Professor for the graduate level course “Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Topics Applied to Biomedical Engineering: Artificial Intelligence Techniques”, which was part of the Biomedical Engineering Masters Program (2011).

Want to join Diego and the rest of the team? Let us know.

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