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Welcome Gustavo!

“Someone once said that the best way to contribute is to create something valuable,” says Gustavo Pais, our new Business Development Officer (BDO). With a BA in Business Administration, an MBA in Management and Administration and twenty years of experience working for different companies, Gustavo has now joined us to make our business grow.


Gustavo specializes in enabling business organizations to succeed through an adequate management of business strategy, sales and excellence in delivery. After years of experience working for renowned companies like EDS, Renault, OSDE and others, he has now joined Corvalius as BDO.

According to Gustavo, “Corvalius have exceptional people and great potential. Plus, it’s continuously working on innovating technologies.” Team leadership and management are both part of his professional expertise. His ability to motivate our team and his negotiation skills are essential qualities for one of our missions: increasing our presence on markets where bleeding edge technologies and product development are on the daily corporate agenda during 2014.

Similarly, Corvalius’ 2014 challenge is to focus on expanding our latest product, Codealike. We are also planning a premium B2C version of Codealike that will be launched in April or May. Meanwhile, we intend to have the B2B version  ready in July or August.

We are pleased to welcome Gustavo to Corvalius. He fits perfectly with our team and working method. With the premise the harder the better,he is ready to promise and deliver. As he said, “The Corvalius values are the same as mine: I’m here to contribute, grow and improve.”

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