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To all users,

Given that Etherpad was bought and shutdown by Google, Etherpad users are now looking for alternatives. As the beWeeVee Notepad Techdemo support some of the features that Etherpad had constructed over their 10 months of operations it looks natural that some more users gravitate toward using it as an alternative.

Yesterday, when the word came to us from one of our users, that Etherpad was effectively shutting down on March we recognized that a void was created when more users started to use beWeeVee Notepad Tech-Demo as a substitute for it. beWeeVee as a technology is very important for Corvalius, as such we will continue to provide more features and also enhance our Software Development Kit for developers to create amazing application with it.

beWeeVee from the start has been conceived as a technology aimed at enhancing Desktop applications (like for example: beWeeVee for Visual Studio ) with real-time collaborative features (co-operation). The Tech-Demo aims to show those looking to implement those features in their software what could be possible using the Software Development Kit.

beWeeVee is a .Net technology so for the time being, the beWeeVee Notepad will continue be released on the Silverlight platform.

We would definitely want to hear your feedback and act accordingly on the technology roadmap. Visit us at

The beWeeVee Team @Corvalius